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Industry Overview

The Signal4D platform creates value across a range of different markets.


  • Deliver improved safety and compliance via real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Improve performance and customer satisfaction with more accurate ETA predictions
  • Reduce costly accidents and traffic idling with enhanced trip planning capabilities


  • Gain a holistic view of environmental risks to your book of business, both current and in the future
  • Help protect customers from severe weather-related events and minimize costly claims
  • Identify areas and customers of high risk to proactively prepare them and respond to events


  • Overlay weather, traffic, and active fires to enhance any existing mapping platform
  • Predict ETA distributions more accurately
  • Understand conditions for more efficient and safe routing


  • Enhance end-to-end supply chain safety with increased visibility and enhanced monitoring and alerting
  • Improve ETA prediction at each leg of the supply chain, all the way to the customer
  • Increase operational insights and performance with advanced historical and predictive analytics


  • Understand system-wide performance and monitor the impact of weather on assets and routes
  • Improve customer satisfaction with increased rider engagement and information sharing 
  • Archive system and environment data for analysis and reporting


  • Analyze customer behavior to optimize product placement and pricing in retail locations
  • Maintain product quality in transit and avoid product spoilage with enhanced analytic capabilities
  • Conduct predictive analytics to ensure seasonal products are in stock


  • Monitor and understand dangerous weather conditions and risks for critical infrastructure
  • Measure the population and geographic impact of outages
  • Understand patterns in climate change over time and/or by region


  • Connect devices, facilities, and other assets with corporate and Signal4D data sources
  • Improve operational oversight and enable smarter business decisions with advanced analytics and modeling
  • Collect, display, monitor, and analyze telemetry data from things that move


  • Include weather and traffic information for routing and platooning input
  • Model EV charge time and range and analyze individual understand weather impact to performance
  • Identify conditions along routes and provide alerts for any changes in conditions