Signal4D Develops Integrated Global Fire Reporting System

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2020 is on track to be yet another record-setting year for wildfires, with well over 50,000 fires likely in the U.S. alone. The number of acres burned to date already exceeds that of 2019. Globally, the trends are similar. During the 2019-2020 fire season, Australia experienced catastrophic losses of humans, animals, and property. In Europe, the European Environment Agency is projecting an expanded area of more severe fire events across the continent than ever before.

There are many contributing factors to this increased devastation, including climate change, population growth, and over-development, making forest and wildfires an ever-greater and more costly threat across the globe. Despite this, there is no globally-integrated reporting system to track and monitor wildfires. Numerous organizations and governments track and report forest and wildfires; however each depends upon varying monitoring systems and multiple databases that are often specific only to a certain location or region.

Signal4D looked at these fragmented data sources and developed the Fire Zones solution to provide comprehensive and timely fire data in a single, unified system with the goal to help increase safety and ensure continuity of operations.

Signal4D’s Fire Zones solution:

  • Collects, aggregates, analyzes, and delivers global forest fire and wildfire information from remote sensing, aerial observations, and on-ground curated available data sources.
  • Combines information into a single feed using its proprietary technology and delivers the information for use in alerting and routing by region (via API) depicted as polygons.
  • Allows for high-level monitoring and alerting on wildfires that is critical for increased safety, reduced property loss, and overall impacts on people, places and things.
  • Continuously monitors for new information from identified or discovered sources and updates feed as new information becomes available.
  • Provides any meta data available about those fire zones (e.g., lat/long, type, name).

Fire Zones can be used in conjunction with other Signal4D solutions or as a stand alone solution to provide visibility and awareness of forest and wildfire threats in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. As more fire information sources are identified and verified across the globe, they will be integrated into the Fire Zones solution. Whether it is helping your supply chain mitigate operational disruptions, helping your fleets avoid fire hazards along their routes, or providing actionable alerts to your P&C insurance holders, Fire Zones can help identify and mitigate fire-related risks.

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