Signal4D Partners with IBM Businesses to Deliver Weather, Environmental, and Risk Data Solutions

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Signal4D has been a registered IBM business partner for several years and is working with IBM to provide customers across many industries with highly integrated weather and environmental data solutions that will be used to reduce risk, enhance performance, and improve safety in transportation, critical infrastructure, insurance, and in our communities.

As one of the world’s leading providers of data services, analytics, and tools, IBM serves as the backbone for many essential industries that depend upon understanding the impacts and risks posed by weather, environmental changes, and industry-specific challenges.

With its proprietary OmniWatch solution, Signal4D provides next-level integration of monitoring and alerting, telemetry data, and historical predictive analysis to support IBM’s customers. Signal4D creates highly performant, flexible, and user friendly solutions that address the most pressing problems customers have.

From helping insurance providers prepare for and respond to risks, to allowing the entire country to anticipate impacts to its critical infrastructure, to easily alerting fleets of impending wind or ice storms on their routes, IBM’s customers use Signal4D solutions to improve safety, reduce damages, optimize operational efficiencies and enhance responses to environmental changes, both near and long term.

“IBM is the gold standard of data collection, understanding, and application in real world situations. Thousands of businesses and communities around the world depend upon their products and solutions. We are proud and excited to support IBM’s work across their portfolio of businesses. We live in an amazing time when information is almost unlimited, and the key to maximizing the value is to make it easy for businesses of all types to integrate that information into safety and operational efficiencies. IBM leads the way in doing just that, and we are pleased to have an opportunity to help,” said David Weld, CEO of Signal4D.

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