OmniWatch™ Use Case: Improving Safety and Performance in the Fleet Industry

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Severe weather impacts to fleet operations are many, including massive traffic delays and road closures, unsafe driving conditions, delayed deliveries, and risk of noncompliance with ELD/DOT regulations. Understanding potential weather and traffic conditions in advance – with real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities – can dramatically increase performance and safety. Signal4D has developed its OmniWatch™ solution to address these concerns.

By now, I am sure you have all seen the videos of trucks being blown over in Utah in September. While hurricane-force winds were the main factor in this instance, wind is not the only inclement weather condition that impacts fleets all over the country — 2020 broke hurricane season records with 30 named storms. With weather constantly changing and increasing in impact and severity, we must prepare fleets for wind, snow, rain, and other weather events.

According to Forbes, approximately 23 percent of all trucking delays are caused by severe weather occurrences such as heavy precipitation, blizzards, and high winds, costing the trucking industry $3.5 billion annually. On top of that, each year trucking companies lose an estimated 32.6 billion vehicle hours due to weather-related congestion. Bottom line: weather impacts fleet performance, safety, and compliance.

How can we minimize operational, safety, and compliance impacts due to inclement weather? At Signal4D, we’ve built a solution called OmniWatch™ to address these challenges head on.

OmniWatch™ helps fleet organizations on multiple levels — from drivers to dispatch to safety operations – better understand, plan, and avoid the hazards that inclement weather can bring. By integrating best-of-breed weather data from IBM/The Weather Company with traffic and other related data, OmniWatch™ provides a unified view of forecasted route conditions in a single place.

With customizable weather alerting and thresholds monitoring (e.g., snow, rain, wind, extreme temperatures, lightning, and fires), traffic accidents and road closures, and the impact of weather on travel speeds, OmniWatch™ is a one-stop shop for your weather and traffic overview. This overview not only helps with pre-trip planning, but also with on route hazards, helping keep your fleets and drivers safe. On top of monitoring assets in motion, our thresholds and alerting can be applied to static locations such as warehouses and distribution centers, to help companies understand how current and predicted winter weather may impact facilities, delivery schedules, and the safety of personnel.

Each season brings new weather and traffic events that contribute to a range of problems for fleets such as delays, poor ETA forecasting, DOT compliance issues, an increased risk of accidents, and potential cargo loss in transit. Signal4D, first and foremost, wants to make roads safer, especially with the increased demand on fleets to deliver goods. Let Signal4D help you best prepare for severe weather conditions and stop productivity loss due to inclement weather with OmniWatch™. We are only an email away!

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