Signal4D Launches OmniWatch™ Solution

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Building upon its proven RouteWatch for Fleets solution, Signal4D has developed an even more robust and comprehensive weather and traffic condition monitoring and alerting solution. Signal4D’s OmniWatch™ has broad application across a range of industries, such as supply chain, fleet, utilities, insurance, and drone companies.

According to Forbes, 23 percent of trucking delays are caused by severe weather, from heavy precipitation to blizzards to high winds. Those delays cost the trucking industry an estimated $3.5 billion annually with weather-related traffic congestion resulting in 32.6 billion lost vehicle hours. In the insurance industry, there were 22 $1 billion or more weather events in 2020 causing $90 billion in damages across the United States. With “100-year” storms occurring more frequently, utility companies are spending billions of dollars to harden and reinforce their infrastructure against catastrophic storms such as hurricanes.

As weather patterns change and severe weather increases, it is more critical than ever that organizations are prepared with actionable information. By gathering and integrating best-available weather data, traffic, and other relevant environment and corporate data, OmniWatch™ helps organizations better understand, plan for, and avoid costly weather and traffic hazards.

OmniWatch™ monitors and alerts on current and forecasted conditions for points (e.g. home or warehouse), paths (e.g. trucking route or drone path), and areas (e.g. neighborhood or flood zone). It provides a unified and actionable view that allows users to overlay weather, traffic, and other data on a map, along with their assets, for monitoring purposes. In addition to monitoring points, paths, or areas important to your organization or your customers, OmniWatch™ offers fully customizable alerting for weather and traffic events. With this capability, companies can send actionable alerts (e.g. avoiding a certain route or moving cars/property indoors to avoid storm damage) to both their personnel and customers for severe weather events, planned or unplanned traffic events, etc.

In addition to the important benefits of greater safety and risk management for organizations and their customers, OmniWatch™ also improves ETA forecasting and reduces cargo loss in transit, while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, OmniWatch enhances existing performance management capabilities as well as operational planning, forecasting, and analysis to ensure companies are utilizing all of the data available to them to make smarter decisions.

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